Business Studies

Business touches all areas of our lives; newspapers, television and radio are full of articles about what is going on in the economy and in business in the UK and overseas.  For many young people, their connection with business is as a customer, a consumer of advertising and branding. Business Studies at Rookwood School encourages students to think more deeply about the businesses they encounter, unpicking marketing messages, thinking about the employment conditions of the staff and developing analytical skills.

Whilst there is no formal teaching of business studies before Key Stage 4, students are provided with opportunities to be entrepreneurial through PSHE lessons, enterprise days and activities.


Curriculum at Key Stage 4

Students study both small and large businesses as part of their GCSE course in key stage 4.  They look at the same key elements for both - marketing, finance, people in business and operations management.  Students will also review the legal structure of the businesses and the aims and objectives of the business and entrepreneurs. Wherever possible we use real businesses to research and as part of our controlled assessment work will visit a small business in the Andover area.  This will include an interview with the owner, questionnaires and market research to develop our ideas and analytical skills in order to make recommendations about the future of the business.


Board and spec: AQA GCSE Business Studies

Exam structure: Unit 1 exam– Setting up a Business 40%, Unit 2 exam – Growing as a Business 35%, Unit 3 Controlled Assessment – Investigating Businesses 25%


Business studies is an excellent mix of practical and theoretical education, with real life case studies students are never in doubt that what they are learning is useful in the real world. Business studies offers a broad pool of learning, requiring mathematical and analytical skills as well as report and essay writing, allowing students to bring together skills they develop in other subjects.