Geography stimulates an interest in and a sense of wonder about people, places and the environment. Geography is a popular and successful subject at Rookwood School recognised by the Geographical Association’s Secondary Geography Quality Mark. Studying Geography at Rookwood School provides an excellent base for general education. In this way it widens rather than narrows career opportunities because of the research, analysis, interpretation and communication skills that are integral to the subject. At all levels Geography aims to encourage students to extend their learning through class-based and independent exploration, problem-solving and research of geographical topics and issues.


Curriculum at Key Stage 3

Geography at Key Stage 3 covers a wide range of themes that focus on both physical environments, including rivers, tectonics, biomes and coasts and human activities such as settlement, tourism and population. Pupils learn about local, national and global issues in both rich and poor countries, and are encouraged at all levels to develop geographical and fieldwork skills.


Curriculum at Key Stage 4

Geography at Key Stage 4 enhances and extends what has already been taught at Key Stage 3.  Pupils are taught to evaluate and analyse what they are learning through a range of techniques and skills. Topics include the challenge of hazards, living with the natural world, river environments and glacial landscapes, urban challenges, the changing economic world and the challenge of resource management.


Board and spec: AQA A

Exam structure: 3 exams: 1 physical paper, 1 human paper and 1 fieldwork and synoptic paper at the end of Year 11.