The PE Department at Rookwood School provides a broad and balanced curriculum promoting the development of planning, evaluation and performance skills within a culture of equal opportunity, understanding and fair play. Pupils are taught in a variety of ways which stimulates their ability to outwit opponents, replicate actions, perform at maximal levels, explore and communicate ideas, identify and solve problems and exercise safely and efficiently. The curriculum is varied and progressive enabling our pupils to experience and enjoy the benefits of exercise.

Curriculum at Key Stage 3

Further building on foundations covered at Key Stage 1 and 2, our pupils experience a wide variety of sports, both individually and within a team.  Developing competitive opportunities within intra and inter school competitions, inspiring them to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle beyond school.


Curriculum at Key Stage 4

Through Physical Education we aim for pupils to develop the understanding and enthusiasm to achieve an active lifestyle at school and continue to maintain this once they have left.  Our pupils are given ownership of their curriculum choices and select activities which will engage and challenge them. Those pupils who have a passion for sport are encouraged to look at sport beyond the playing field and study GCSE PE and gain a greater understanding of the physiological, sociological and psychological aspects of sport and how it impacts our community and sporting world.


GCSE Exams: Physical Education

Board and spec: AQA

Exam structure: 60% Theory, 40% practical


Respect, excellence, determination, inspiration, courage and equality are at the heart of our teaching.  These core values give our pupils a set of universal principles which can be applied in sport and transferred to all aspects of their lives. Our approach to teaching is to empower our pupils to be creative, have ownership of their decision making and feel confident to use self-assessment and discuss collaboratively tactics, which impact on theirs and others achievement.


The department provides a range of extra-curricular activities which enhance the curricular programme. Pre-school, lunchtime and after school clubs provide opportunities for pupils to pursue their sporting passions and develop their skills within a variety of sporting contexts and competitive fixtures. The school has excellent facilities including a recently built Sports Hall, floodlit outdoor tennis courts, an open air swimming pool and playing fields.