Religious Studies

The RS Department at Rookwood School aims to provide a broad and balanced curriculum stimulating new skills and understanding in a secure and fun environment. Our aim is to promote an understanding for faiths and their impact on the world. This should contribute to the development of each individual, so that they can become confident and effective members of a multicultural society.

Curriculum at Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3 focuses on learning about the six major religions and the difference beliefs make to believers’ lives. Pupils are encouraged to develop their own opinions, whilst being prepared to listen carefully to the ideas and views of others. All classes are taught in mixed ability Form Groups.

Curriculum at Key Stage 4

The GCSE exam builds upon the reflective approach. Philosophical questions and Ethical questions are considered from two different religious perspectives and students are required to put forward a personal point of view with supported reasoning.


GCSE Exams Philosophy & Ethics

Board and spec: OCR B

Exam structure: Single tier final exam. 2 x 1 hour papers On Ethics. 2 x 1 hour papers on Philosophy